+Entertainment is a leading international distributor of motion pictures and television programming.

Product Placement

In addition to its sales, marketing and producing services, +Entertainment provides product placement and product integration services. +Entertainment has successfully integrated products such as Pony Shoes, XOXO footwear, Patron Tequila, FHM Magazine among others into the 2005 Sundance entry “Dirty Love”, starring Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra, as well as Joe Boxer, Royal Enfield Motorcycles, Red Bull in “Death Tunnel”.

Royal Enfield Motorcycles
Joe Boxer
VANS shoes
Red Bull
Sprint PCS


Pony Shoes
XOXO footwear
Patron Tequila
FHM Magazine
Fuji Film
Red Bull
Sprint PCS

Script Review Service

+Entertainment’s script review service (SRS) provides independent producers and screenwriters with evaluation and insight into their feature scripts from an international sales and marketing perspective – an aspect that should be carefully considered before the start of production.
Some of our insights our discussed in THE SCREENWRITER’S SOURCEBOOK, a Comprehensive Marketing Guide for Screen and Television Writers, by Michael Haddad, Chicago Review Press.

Screenwriter's Sourcebook, The A Comprehensive Marketing Guide for Screen and Television Writers, more info

Michael Haddad (Author)
Advice from an industry insider on succeeding as a screenwriter

Written for both new and experienced writers, this comprehensive marketing guide offers advice and tips needed by writers to succeed in the film and television industries. Focusing on the business of writing, it gives writers the unabashed truth about the film industry, and advice on how to get scripts to the gatekeepers of the studios and read by agents. Comprehensive listings of contests, fellowships, grants, and development opportunities from an industry expert provide specific information on securing a healthy writing career. This extensive resource also includes guidelines regarding copyrights, sources for emergency funds, a listing of online resources, information on writers' colonies and retreats, and more.

Michael Haddad is a story analyst for Paramount Pictures. He has written and cowritten screenplays for more than a dozen feature films and a half dozen shorts and has written spec scripts for several television shows including Alf, Married with Children, Roc, and Seinfeld. He was the America's Funniest People grand prize winner; festival winner for the Cork International Film Festival and Film Crash, NYC; and screenplay winner for the Telluride IndieFest.

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